Cocoon to Butterfly

Leading with Self Awareness

These training sessions will boost your confidence, leadership capability and performance tool kit.


Group and individual bespoke soft skilled training programs


  • Increased personal confidence and self-esteem
  • Strategies for improving communication and connection
  • A tool kit for elevating impact and performance
  • Understanding value hierarchy and belief systems to know what motivates you and others
  • Strong professional foundations to build a fulfilling and purposeful future

Taster Topics

  • The CORE4 Mindset foundations
  • Resilience - the art of adaptability
  • Feedback - how to share growth ideas safely
  • Trust - the superpower of connection and communication
  • Plus much more...

This program is ideal for

Leaders who wish to improve their soft skills toolkit

Teams who want to build trust, strengthen their culture and improve their ability to connect

Individuals wishing to gain more confidence, self-esteem and direction through a toolkit that will help them bounce back faster, understand how to communicate with a broad range of people and improve their motivation.

Delivery approach

All training is coach-led with an ‘action and reflect’ approach.  This means questions and reflection exercises that usually follow subject content.

Training is delivered successfully using the following methods

  • Face to face
  • Virtual
  • A combination of face to face and virtual

Training participants must be ready to get involved rather than sit and listen.

Suggested numbers for the greatest impact for this program would be 6 – 15 participants.

Delivery time

Delivery time will vary dependant on your desired outcome.  We suggest tailor-making a training program that lasts no longer than 3 hours each, over weeks or months.  This will maximise participants engagement in the learning and the amount they then take back into their workplace and life.

Start investing in a more self aware and confident you today

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