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Leading with Self Awareness

Inspiring and supporting current and future leaders to discover their lighthouse of leadership, expand their beacon of light and sustain firm foundations for themselves and their teams.


A group or individual 3 – 12 month executive coaching and training programs


  • Discover and decode value hierarchy to know what motivates you and your team
  • Expansion of tools to deal with emotional reactions in oneself and others
  • Increase confidence in dealing with difficult people and situations
  • Expansion of strategies for sorting through difficult decisions and priorities
  • Sustained increase in performance by managing energy and wellbeing rather than time

Taster Topics

  • The CORE4 Mindset foundations
  • Leading with self-awareness
  • Emotional intelligence and resilience
  • Motivation, feedback and conflict management tools
  • Plus much more...

This program is ideal for

Experienced Leaders and Executives who want to improve their self-awareness to boost their influence and performance in all aspects of life

Emerging Leaders who wish to improve their soft skills toolkit and give them strong foundations for their leadership journey

Delivery approach

The delivery of this program uses a mixture of individual leadership coaching and group training.

All training is coach-led with an ‘action and reflect’ approach. This means questions and reflection exercises that usually follow subject content.

The coaching and training is delivered successfully using the following methods

  • Face to face
  • Virtual
  • A combination of face to face and virtual

Training participants must be ready to get involved rather than sit and listen.

Suggested numbers for the most significant impact for this program would be 6 – 15 participants.

Delivery time

The “Self” leadership program lasts six months and can be extended into the “team” leadership for another six months. The Leaders will commit, on average, four hours of face time per month and then additional reflection time.

Start investing in your journey towards a more authentic and confident leadership style today

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