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Leading with Self Awareness

A deeply challenging and ultimately rewarding dive into who you are. Through coaching, training and mentoring, your connections and interactions with the world will improve, enabling you to reach goals you never thought were possible.


Great for personal and team transformations


  • Clarity of goals and purpose
  • Tools and techniques for improving performance and leadership
  • Insights into who you are, including your strengths, values and communication style
  • Tools to build a positive and engaging culture, increasing team and personal fulfilment
  • Flying higher that you ever thought possible

Taster Topics

  • The CORE4 Mindset foundations
  • Purpose - exploring success, purpose, motivation and great goal setting
  • Acceptance - knowing when and how to let go
  • Habit shedding and creating
  • Plus much more...

This program is ideal for

Individuals and Leaders wishing to fly higher by gaining greater clarity into themselves and their desired direction and motivations.

Teams who want to learn more about themselves and become an inspiring and high-performance team.

Delivery approach

This program is designed to be delivered to groups between 5 – 15 people. The delivery is a mixture of individual performance coaching, mentoring, group training and question and answer sesions.

All mentoring, training and Q&As are coach led with an ‘action and reflect’ approach. This means questions and reflection exercises which usually follow subject content.

Training could be delivered successfully using any of the following methods

  • Face to face
  • Virtual
  • A combination of face to face and virtual

Training participants must be ready to get involved rather than sit and listen.

Delivery time

We have an 8-month designed program.  Alternatively, we can tailor the program to your desired outcome.  To create sustainable change, we would suggest a program length of 6-months minimum, with a monthly commitment of five hours face time, plus reflection and practice time.

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