About Us

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to believe in and support people to achieve extraordinary things.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a global platform of passionate individuals from a variety of different specialties, to support sustainable change in individuals, enabling them to fly higher than they ever thought possible.

Our R.A.P. Values

These are the values we live and play by at CORE4 mindset.


Real is about understanding yourself, knowing yourself, loving yourself and having the courage to be yourself.


This is about moving from where you are now to where you want to be. What is common sense is not always common action. 


If it’s not fun it won’t get done! Let’s enjoy the journey.

Meet the Team

We are ready to unlock your full potential. For this, we have prepared for over a decade and together we sum more than 60 years worth of knowledge and experience.


Suzie Whitfield

Executive Coach & Performance Trainer

Suzie has had over 20 years of global experience working in the personal development and communication field. She has coached leaders individually and in teams from a broad range of professions, including business, construction & engineering, education, government, hospitality, medical/research, law, acting, and sport.  She loves bringing her infectious energy and applying her coach approach to performance training.   Her recent clients have included Rio Tinto, Menzies, YMCA, ANZ, Oaks Hotels, Coffey, and local and national Government.


Belinda Creer

Wellbeing Coach

Belinda has 30 years in the health, fitness and sporting arenas and her deep passion for wellbeing has never wavered. She previously worked as the wellbeing coach for the NT Talent and Pathways. This includes the NEAFL, VFLW and Men & Women Academy Squads with athletes based across the NT. Belinda was also a key member of the Adelaide Crows AFL W team which saw them win two Premierships in the first 3 establishing years.


Louise Jones

UK Leading Sport Psychologist

Louise Jones has been supporting Athletes, Coaches and Performance Directors within British sport for over 18 years. Throughout this time she has supported athletes at 4 summer Olympic Games, 1 winter Olympic Games and 5 Commonwealth Games. She has worked with Olympic medalists, World Champions, European Champions, Commonwealth Games medalists, X Games medalists and other top performers across a large number and variety of sports.

What you can expect from the team

  • We will bring positive energy and fun
  • We will give the best we have to offer
  • We will make things uncomplicated and actionable
  • We will enjoy any challenges you throw our way
  • We will create a judgment-free curiosity space
  • We base our work on a mix of experience and research
  • We are open to feedback and are always looking for growth opportunities
  • We might ask you difficult questions that could make you squirm!
  • We will be REAL and brilliantly imperfect

What we will expect of you

  • To bring your whole best self no matter what
  • To share when you feel you want to
  • To be open to a challenge
  • To allow yourself to be free of distractions
  • To be ready to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in
  • To challenge concepts and ideas to deepen everyone's learning and understanding
  • To be radically responsible for your choices and learnings
  • To welcome everyone's differences and be open-minded
  • To be OK with not being perfect!
  • To be ready to play and have some fun